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Microsoft Office 2013


Microsoft Office 2013 has changed, Microsoft Office 2013 is a suite of productivity applications designed to help you improve the way you work.

Version upgrades are part and parcel of Microsoft software solution these days, however the latest version of Microsoft Office 2013 is the very first that has a touch-friendly interface along with Microsoft’s excellent cloud integration. Office is also going to the cloud, with subscription pricing, on-demand installation and automatic syncing of settings and documents you save in the cloud – if you want to pay for it that way.

There are two types, one if you decide you want to buy a-pay-for-it-once and keep a copy of Office 2013 at one corner of the shelving, or if you prefer to adopt the latest annual subscription method – pay per use to enjoy extra features, like free version upgrades through Office 365 instead of waiting 36 months for new features (or spend the time updating every PC in the office), and is diskless.

The great thing about a subscription service is that you won’t have to wait as long to get updates and improvements; they won’t change the fundamentals but you will keep getting more options the longer you pay for Office 2013.

Some other key features are: SkyDrive will be the backbone of Microsoft Office 2013, with an additional 20GB worth of cloud storage on top of the current 7GB when one register with a live email. Settings, documents, templates, and even custom user dictionaries will all be synced to the cloud so that you will have a consistent Office experience on the move, on whatever device. That’s access anywhere. Long distance expensive call? With the new Office, you are entitled to 60 free Skype world calling minutes a month (which can be calls to a landline or a mobile and from your PC or from a smartphone with Skype installed).

Social media has been a hit in recent years, and the new social features in Microsoft Office 2013 can only be better. It includes an automatically picture importing features from social media platforms like Facebook and Flickr. This integration allows easier sharing and more collaboration.